Underestimate ORDER at your peril, carefree Kevy warns MSI rivals G2 Esports, Evil Geniuses

Battle for Group C far from over, the LCO champ says.

Whatever happens, happens.

Star ORDER jungler Spike Spiegel Shane Kevy Allen has just lost a League of Legends solo queue game when he joins our Discord call. He quickly laughs the loss offYou know, what can you do?and immediately starts talking MSI hopes.

Now, League pros have lost more ranked games than most players have queued up to play, so its no surprise, but thats Kevy to a note. Like anime’s enigmatic Space Cowboy Spike Spiegel, the Aussie star is happy to roll with the punches. He tells me, again: I just think, whatever happens, happens.

This time, hes talking about the Mid-Season Invitational.

Next week, starting 8pm Tuesday, May 10 (AEST, this is), Kevy and ORDER begin their international campaign. Its a tricky challenge first up. G2 Esports, reigning European champs and 2019 MSI victors, await in game one. The LEC heavyweights are dripping with League royalty, including Rasmus Caps Winther and Kevys personal pick of the litter, Marcin Jankos Jankowski, among others.

The going doesnt get any easier for ORDER on their Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday play-days either. In fact, Riot short-changed Group C due to an odd number of League representatives traveling to Busan, Korea. That leaves the aforementioned G2 powerhouse, ORDER, and first-time LCS champions Evil Geniuses to duke it out across a four-time round robin. Plenty of chances for spankings, say the pundits. Plenty of time for upsets, says Kevy.

Underestimate ORDER at your peril, the LCO jungler warns.

Our whole run [this split], even back in Oceania, everyone keeps thinking we cant or wont win, Kevy tells Dot Esports. And look, we came out and ended up winning. It takes the pressure off us, being expected to lose.

Kevy has enjoyed a certain underdog status with ORDER throughout his fledgling League career thus far. He burst onto the Oceanic scene in 2021 as the Melbourne orgs replacement jungler after short-gasp stints with Dire Wolves and Peace to start the year. By the end of Split Two, the 21-year-old had been crowned Rookie of the Year, First All-Pro Jungler, and the regions Most Valuable Player.

Image via ORDER on Twitter

And now, hes got another chance to push the League envelope all over again. Riot Games, via the MSI 2022 draw, have handed him G2 and EG on a silver platter.

I couldnt have dreamed a better draw, he admits.

Like, obviously we could have gotten easier teams to play against, an easier group, but really Im happy with this. Ive been wanting to come to international events for so long, now that were here I want to show what I can do. Even just in terms of entertainment value, the chance to dish out some salt too.

The pressure, Kevy adds, is entirely on G2 Esports and Evil Geniuses.

Honestly, if either of the two even drop a game to us damn, theyre going to get roasted. Its really nice to be in this position. Weve not played a game yet and everyone is writing us off. No one expects anything from us.

Forget the standingsI just see EG and G2. If we win, that would be absolutely crazy, so theres that. And then if we lose, then we know that we tried our best.

Kevys ever-cool mentality certainly worked in LCO 2022 Split One. Eventual champs ORDER lifted from a staggered 1110 record to sweep Dire Wolves, Peace, Pentanet, and Chiefsfour of Oceanias six historic representatives. Even on the eve of the grand finals, fans, players, and pundits were tipping against ORDER.

No one gave ORDER a chance in Oceania. Will they now in Busan?

Were all going to just give it our best, Kevy promised. Whatever happens, happens. We have confidence. Lets just get everyone in Oceanic manifesting our victories.

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