Unbelievable ALGS respawn victory shows why Apex players should never give up

Pros don't waste a second chance.

Apex Legends survival items are key to keeping an entire team in the fray, and one pro team demonstrated the strength of staying alive to effectively use one, turning the tides of battle. Even when running low on supplies, ammo, and losing both teammates, one player can completely change the fight by outlasting other squads.

Fire Beavers, one of EMEAs top teams, pulled off an impossible play to claim first place in game one of match day nine in the EMEA Pro League on April 30.

Ojrein used a mobile respawn beacon to revive his team in the final ring, while three other squads fought each other. Fire Beavers then attacked Horizon Union, the last surviving team, to claim victory in game one of EMEAs last regular matchday.

Beavers endgame started in disaster during ring fives closing, as 9impulse and taskmast33r were downed by incoming fire from Horizon Union, who held the sole building inside the ring. Ojerin was the only player to successfully cross but was unable to revive his teammates due to constant Seer pressure over his fallen allies.

Despite the circumstances, Fire Beavers continued to guide ojerin through the final ring close, collecting their banners and a mobile respawn beacon from taskmast33rs death box. Staying beneath the building, ojrein bided his time until a prime revive opportunity.


The final ring closing gave ojrein the distraction he needed, as Horizon Union moved away from their building to fight JLINGZ Esports and Myztro Gaming, the last enemy squads. Horizons JSavageW initiated their push with Catalysts Dark Veil, unintentionally giving ojrein the perfect cover to revive his teammates.


As his teammates fell from the dropship, ojrein called out one death box on the ground before scanning and firing at Horizon Union, who were still recovering from their previous fight. Ojrein took advantage of the Dark Veil to fight off the entire team, downing two members as his team arrived at the fight armed with fresh shields and weapons. 9impulse and taskmast33r finished off the last Horizon Union player, claiming first place.

Fire Beavers heroics earned them twelve placement points and seven kill points, the highest total in the lobby. If the entire team was eliminated during the initial rotation, Fire Beavers would have finished game one in fourth with four killsa ten-point difference if not for ojreins survival and subsequent heroics.

Fire Beavers performance shows that even with unfavorable ring locations, near-impossible rotations, and the loss of both teammates, any Apex player can make the game-winning play by staying cool under pressure.

Fire Beavers status as the number three EMEA team showcases their strong mental resilience, and their never give up attitude in each and every game of Apex.

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