‘Unacceptable’: Methodz conflicted about controversial finish to Boston vs. Seattle match at CDL Major 2

"It's tough to win like that because we want to win but it felt like they deserved that game four."

The Boston Breach bounced back from yesterday’s loss to the Atlanta FaZe at the second Major of the 2023 Call of Duty League season with a 3-1 victory over the Seattle Surge today. But the end of the series’ fourth map was headlined by a bit of a head-scratching moment for both players and viewers alike.

With Boston up 2-1 in the series, Al Bagra Fortress Hardpoint was coming down to the wire. Both teams were around 230 points heading into the Courtyard Hardpoint location. And that’s when disaster struck for Seattle.

The Surge took down three Breach players right after the clock started ticking on the new hill. With the majority of Boston coming off spawn, Seattle’s Mack decided to call in a Cruise Missle to try to cut off the Breach players sprinting toward the Hardpoint. Instead of eliminating the Boston players who had just run into a building, though, Mack somehow eliminated himself and one of his teammateswho were seemingly inside a different building across from the one Mack landed the kill streak near. This opened the door for a last-second push by the Breach, who were then able to take control of the hill and close out the fourth map 250-239 to secure the 3-1 series win.

Following the match, Boston’s Methodz discussed the end of that map and admitted that it felt like the Surge might have forced a do-or-die Search and Destroy if it weren’t for the controversial Cruise Missile.

“I mean, they were in the favorable position,” Methodz told Dot Esports. “We all spawned up, I’m sure all of us thought we were beat and we were heading to a game five, but the team kill came through and he killed himself with the streak as well, so that’s two down. In that moment, it’s more so just reactionary like ‘yo, hit time, let’s flood this hill.’ I watched it post-game and it’s tough to win like that because we want to win, but it felt like they deserved that game four. So I feel for them. I’m happy that we won but that’s just an unacceptable occurrence, honestly.” 

Despite the nature of the victory, Methodz and the Breach will now move on to the second round of the losers bracket at the Boston-hosted Major. The veteran feels that his squad is a tough team to beat once they get some momentumand that’s exactly what they may have gained from their win over Seattle.

Regardless of who they play in their next elimination match, Methodz knows the fans at the MGM Music Hall at Fenway will be in their corner.

“We knew the hometown crowd would have our back, so we’re trying to have theirs,” Methodz said.

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