Tyler1’s latest ranked League challenge is taking him across the pond

"Dopa down," but European.

One of the most recognizable faces in the League of Legends communityand the most reformedis ready to take on his biggest challenge yet: the Europe West server.

Tyler1 is heading to Europe starting on March 16, where hell spend the bulk of his trip attempting to climb the EUW ranked ladderwhile also continuing his banter against players on the server. He attempted a similar challenge last year when he traveled to South Korea but said after he returned home that he felt the trip did little to push his limits as a League player.

Early last year, Tyler1 successfully reached Challenger tier in every single role on the NA server, streaming his endeavors over the course of over two years. Since then, he has retained his Monday to Friday streaming schedule where he attempts to climb from patch to patch for upwards of nine hours a day.

The content creator has been particularly vocal about the jungle changes that were implemented in the game during the most recent preseason, making the role much easier to learn and, simultaneously, more impactful across the map. When Patch 13.5 was introduced, however, Tyler1 and his girlfriendfellow content creator Macaiylareleased a short skit acknowledging how grateful he was for the upcoming changes.

It is unclear how much time Tyler1 will spend in Europe, nor is it clear how much time he will spend streaming. He noted during a recent stream that he will be taking the first few days following his arrival in Europe to himself before beginning the grind.

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