Tyler1 thinks Aurelion Sol’s rework will be ‘completely broken’

Tyler's not looking to permaban yet another reworked champ.

League of Legends streamer Tyler1 gave his thoughts on the newly announced rework for Aurelion Sol after viewing a sampler of the champions updated abilities on his livestream. Although Tyler1 commended Riot for giving Aurelion Sol an update that looks appealing and visually stimulating, the streamer is still nervous that the champion is going to be completely broken when his rework goes live later this year. 

[The abilities] look sick, Im not gonna lie, Tyler1 said on his stream. They look visually appealing. I imagine that it can’t be balanced. Like all reworks, its gonna be completely broken.

The rework completely changes Aurelion Sols current kit, putting more of a focus on the cosmic creation aspect of his character more than his trademark stars. The new version of Aurelion Sol wont constantly have a rotation of stars orbiting around him throughout the course of a game. Instead, the champion will call stars down from the heavens to deconstruct his opponents. 

I mean, A Sols a very unique character, Tyler1 said. Hes not played ever, but like I said, Im not trying to have to add another ban. 

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Currently, Aurelion Sol is one of the least popular champions in League of Legends. The champion had zero picks in major region professional games in both 2022 and 2021, according to League stats site Games of Legends. Additionally, he is the only champion on League solo queue tracking site op.gg to have insufficient data.

That should all be expected to change, as reworks typically have a history of bringing once-irrelevant champions back into the games meta. Udyr, for example, dominated solo queue for a few weeks after being reworked in the Summer of 2022. 

Aurelion Sols rework is currently available for testing on the League PBE. The updated champion is expected to go live later this year. 

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