Tyler1 slams Riot for taking too long to nerf ‘giga-broken’ League champs that inflate player ranks

He wants them to lift their game.

Tyler1 is losing it again, and this time, he blasted Riot Games for how long they take to nerf overpowered League of Legends champions. Udyr, who he described as a giga-broken, is the champion he was talking about this time around. The energised Twitch star flipped out after encountering yet another player using the meta Jungle hero.

What are these disgusting, Elo-inflated Udyr players going to do when they nerf this giga-broken champion? he said during his Twitch stream on Jan. 3.

Udyr was reworked in Aug. 2022. He also benefited from additional buffs shortly after, and has been one of the most dominant Jungle picks ever since. His win rate is above 55 percent this patch. Tyler1s biggest issue, however, is that Riot hasn’t bothered to nerf him yetand he thinks it’s a repeat offense.

 “When Riot leaves broken shit like this up, they take too long to nerf it, he said.

It irks him because Riots decision leaves him to deal with all the no talent players who dont belong in his ELOaccording to himtaking advantage of these champions until Riot eventually takes action and nerfs them into oblivion.

League Patch 13.1 is set to drop on Jan. 10. The early patch notes dont mention anything about nerfing Udyr, but that doesnt mean hes escaped the chopping block. Things can change once more details come to light as its release draws closer.

At this stage, eight champions including Aatrox, Dr. Mundo, Fiora, KSante, Mordekaiser, Rammus, Yummi, and Zeri will be nerfed. Meanwhile, Jayce, Lissandra, Shaco, and Sion will be buffed. These changes will impact the meta, which may slow down Udyrs momentum to a degree. But Tyler1 still thinks The Spirit Walker is in dire need of a nerf, and a big one at that.

The ball is in Riots court right now, and Tyler1 is watching.

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