Tyler1 proves League’s jungle changes have ruined the game with video evidence

The 2023 preseason jungle changes have made the role more broken.

When Riot Games make changes to League of Legends, you can be sure that Tyler1 is to be one of the first to express his opinions. Now, Tyler1 has been conducting VOD reviews on his stream, giving deep analysis on why the games jungle role is broken.

As a League player who has hit Challenger in every role, Tyler1s opinions hold some weight. The only reason people are playing it now is because it’s so blatantly broken, he said. 

In the VOD analysis, we see him breaking down the actions of the junglers in both teams. After clearing the Red Brambleback and Gromp in the bottom, the enemy jungler (Xin Zhao) wasted over 40 seconds in the warded lower tri bush area looking for a level 2 gank on Tyler1s bottom lane. 

Is this good jungle gameplay? In my opinion, this should be an auto loss, he said. His own jungler (Sylas) stole the Blue Sentinel camp from the enemy top jungle, but this proved to be more detrimental.

Due to this play, Xin Zhao got the opportunity to gank the bottom lane again. Tyler1s bottom lane champions were a level below the enemy teams due to the slow-pushing minion waves.

Tyler1 explained that his jungler should have come to the bottom side and fought with them when he saw the enemy jungler looking to gank them earlier. We have to 3v3. Instead of going for this camp, he has to come here, he said. Bottom lane has too much agency because you [Riot Games] forced this meta.

If you are playing top lane and for whatever reason, you AFKed for 60 seconds, wouldnt your game be over? If youd AFKed for a minute in bot lane, mid, or support, wouldnt your game be over, Tyler1 pointed out. He [Xin Zhao] is pressuring the bottom lane by doing nothing.

Tyler1 wants Riot Games to roll back the preseason jungle changes and then try to fix the role. And if they dont do that, he thinks they are not balancing the game properly.

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