Two “Teemo’s” magic trick leads to an impressive outplay in League


Sometimes League of Legends is all about smart plays that give you an edge in the early minutes of the game.

One of the League’s subreddit users, Spha358, posted yesterday an incredible outplay that Teemo and Neeko did at the beginning of their game. The two players set a trap in the top lane, which led to an early kill on Mordekaiser.

In the beginning, nothing seemed out of ordinary. Mordekaiser started his laning against Teemo in a typical fashion. Although Teemo wasn’t hitting the minions, and Mordekaiser’s ally from the mid lane, Malzahar, pinged that his opponent, Neeko, was missing.

It turned out, that the Teemo was actually a disguised Neeko, with the Yordle hiding with his passive behind Mordekaiser’s back. After a few seconds, “fake” Teemo started attacking Mordekaiser, with the real one revealing himself and also focusing on the enemy champion.

With that unpredictable turn of events and the poor position of Mordekaiser, he had almost no chance of escaping death. The champ tried to save himself without using a Flash, though, Teemo’s Ignite was his demise, and earned the latter the first blood in a stunning fashion.

While this strategy is definitely irritating for the enemy team and should put the top laner at a huge disadvantage early, especially against a ranged opponent like Teemo, Neeko probably lost a bunch of minions in the mid lane as well. Therefore, it’s tough to say whether it’s worth it unless you want to pull off a truly magical trick against your enemies.

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