Two recently changed LoL champions are taking over ARAM lobbies in Patch 13.3

Will this dynamic duo's reign ever end?

Since League of Legends Patch 13.3 went live, there have been a lot of buffs, nerfs, and changes across the Rift and in the Howling Abyss. And two champions whove benefited the most from this patch were Aurelion Sol and Annie.

Due to his rework, Aurelion Sols pick rate has risen from under one percent to almost twenty percent on the Abyssthe battlefield where All Round, All Mid (ARAM) lobbies are played in League.

And, this is even after he was disabled for a short while due to a sprouting of glitches and bugs, and despite many believing his rework was a complete failure.

According to League stats site U.GG’s ARAM analytics for Patch 13.3, Aurelion Sol has a phenomenal win rate of 56.29 percent across 164,059 matches. And he’s not alone either. Annie also has an astronomical ARAM win rate of 61.94 percent across more than 165,000 matches in League Patch 13.3, which is a hefty spike from her performance in Patch 13.1, she only had a win rate of 51.49 percent across nearly 400,000 appearances.

Even on the Rift, in Ranked and Normal lobbies, Annies win rate has risen from 49.97 percent at the start of the season to 54.21 percent. And this is primarily due to her rework.

In the champion overhaul, Annie received much-needed quality-of-life changes, which included her passive being fully stacked at the start of the game and after respawn, a buffed Molten Shield that increases its AP scaling and reduces its cooldown, and a stronger Tibbers.

However, Annie and Aurelion Sol arent the only ones dominating the Abyss. With a 55.23 percent win rate, Udyr has been a solid champion this season in ARAM too. But this may change, as he is in line for several nerfs in League Patch 13.4.

With Patch 13.4 set to roll out on Thursday, Feb. 23, well soon find out which champions will dominate the Abyss and which others might rise through the ranks.

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