Twitch to test out monthly recaps for users

Twitch will reportedly try out a new feature.

Livestreaming giant Twitch will begin sending out monthly recaps for viewers, detailing their viewership and engagement metrics, according to streaming reporter Zach Bussey.

Over the past few months, Twitch has significantly altered and updated many of its functionalities for both streamers and viewers. Tightening its services by ending several features and revamping other processes, such as ban appeals, Twitch has sought to narrow its focus and refine its current systems. Now, it appears Twitch plans on providing users with monthly summaries regarding their viewership statistics.

In provided infographics sent by Twitch, users will be able to view their statistics for specific streamers. Through these new summaries, viewers can see their total time watched, top three used emotes, and total chats sent for the past month. Users can also access how many streams they watched out of the streamer’s total broadcasts.

Viewers will even be able to see their progression toward subscriber badges and view how long until they receive the next subscriber benchmark. Users who make frequent clips of the channel will be able to review their clips and see which were the top performing. The recap will also include other elements such as channel points, subscriber percentage, and more.

While it’s unclearly exactly how these viewer summaries will be sent out, they may only be sent to users subscribed to either partnered or affiliate streamers. There is also no current indication of whether this new feature will roll out or if users will have to opt in or opt out of the summary.

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