Twitch Rivals launches $75,000 MultiVersus tournament on Aug. 31

This will kick off the first Twitch Rivals season for the game.

The streaming community is set to get their chance at $75,000 with a new Twitch tournament for content creators to participate in, centered around the latest crossover fighting game, MultiVersus.

In a post today, Twitch Rivals announced the MultiVersus tournament, which will pit teams of two against one another. Players will come from three regions North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Those who are eager to check out the MultiVersus streaming competition can tune in when it goes live on Wednesday, Aug. 31.

The season will kick off in NA at 2pm PT, LATAM at 1pm PT, and EMEA 8am PT.

Each region will receive a portion of the overall prize pool, meaning there is $25,000 up for grabs in each. There will be 16 teams of duos per region for a total of 48 teams that will kick off the season with 96 creators participating.

This will be the first time MultiVersus has featured in Twitch Rivals since its launch on July 19, 2022. To this date, there have reportedly been more than 10 million players who have downloaded the game and joined the battle.

MultiVersus includes a variety of characters from Warner Bros. roster of franchises and the list continues to grow as the game moves further into its content cycle. 

If you havent yet had a chance to try out the game for yourself it is available to play on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC right now.

The best part is its completely free! So theres no reason not to give it a go.

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