Twitch previews new plans for SUBtemper

People who sub longer will get better discounts.

September is just around the corner, and for many streamers, that means a boost to subscriptions thanks to Twitchs SUBtember promotion.

With help from Lenovo Legion as a sponsor, Twitch is reducing the price of all subscriptions, regardless of the tier. One-month subs will be 20 percent off, three-month subs are 25 percent off, and six-month subs are 30 percent off. SUBtember discounts can be used to upgrade subs from one tier to another.

This marks a slight upgrade from last years SUBtember discount, which was 20 percent across the board, regardless of how long youve subbed for. Meanwhile, last years deal included gifted subs, and also gave gamers a 20 percent discount on Twitch merchandise, which could be purchased from the platforms Loot Cave on

Unveiling the promotional pricing on an episode of Patch Notes, the platform enlisted the help of the Fairy Modmother to make a 60-second promotional sketch.

Despite subscriptions costing less, the promotion doesnt affect the amount of money that streamers receive from a subscription, making the value of that sub just the same to them as it is any other month of the year.

The main SUBtember promotion will begin on Sept. 1 at 1pm CT and end on Oct. 1 at 1:59am CT. It is not available to mobile users, so youll have to sub on your computer to get the discount.

Additionally, Twitch plans on announcing more to come during Twitch Public Access on Sept. 16 at 3pm CT. The platform is promising more surprises throughout the course of the month to celebrate the event.

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