Twitch investigating unknown issue preventing users from going live

Everything about Twitch's broadcasting error.

Livestreaming giant Twitch has reported a currently unknown issue that is preventing some users on the platform from broadcasting and purchases from being completed. Right now, the issue is still under investigation and unresolved but is undergoing investigation by Twitch staff.

On Sept. 28, several Twitch streamers began to report difficulties going live on their Twitch channels, many citing supposed errors with the platform’s servers inhibiting their broadcast. Soon after, users also reported that on-platform purchases such as gifted subs or bit donations were similarly not being completed. Streamers who went live prior to the start of the issue have seemingly been able to stay live without any interference to their broadcast.

Shortly after initial reports of the situation, Twitch acknowledged an issue that prevented its users from starting their broadcasts. Almost one hour later, the livestreaming website gave an update that the same issue had been preventing users from completing purchases for subscriptions and bits. There was little information given about the nature of the issue, but Twitch assured users that it’s still investigating the unexpected problem.

At time of writing, the issue has still continued to persist with no more insight being provided into the problem. While the issue is not impacting all streamers across Twitch, hundreds of content creators are still unable to access their accounts and go live. With the issue still under investigation, updates will likely be provided through Twitch’s support Twitter account once the problem is identified or solved.

This is a breaking news story with more details to follow. Updates will be added as soon as possible.

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