Twitch exodus?: Disguised Toast says he knows at least 5 more streamers moving to YouTube

The streaming star suggested that Sykkuno's move might only be the beginning.

Following Sykkuno’s surprise move from Twitch to YouTube Gaming yesterday, Disguised Toast discussed the future of Twitch and what he called “Twitch death” while streaming on May 2.

“So Sykkuno’s leaving,” Disguised Toast said. “You guys may have heard from either Ludwig or I months and months ago of us saying more content creators are going to YouTube. Well, Sykkuno’s one of them. I mean, or maybe the only one, I don’t know.”

But after saying that he didn’t know, Disguised Toast then made a bold statement implying he did in fact know more.

“I know of at least five more people going over,” Disguised Toast said. “Which is a lot, honestly.”

“I remember I was having my conversation with YouTube the same time Sykkuno and Ludwig were having their conversation with YouTube and the thing is I actually did not know they were having conversations with Ludwig or Sykkuno,” Disguised Toast said. “I did not know about their decision when I made my decision. And sometimes I wonder if I would’ve made a different decision.”

Disguised Toast’s streaming career started on Twitch but then shifted to Facebook Gaming, where he spent two years before making the switch back to Twitch on Nov. 21, 2021.

“I think knowing who’s gonna be on which platform is kinda important because it’s really hard being the only person in your friend group on another platform,” the streamer said. Disguised Toast confirmed he was speaking from experience. When he was on Facebook Gaming, he held the top position but was also one of the only streamers on the platform.

“If I knew Lud and Sykkuno were moving to YouTube when I made my decision, would I have made a different decision?” the Twitch star pondered.

Screengrab via Disguised Toast on YouTube

“And the people upcoming, a couple of them actually asked me, like, ‘hey Toast,’ when I was about to make my decision they were asking me, ‘which one are you taking? Cause depending on what you pick it might affect what I pick.’ And I kept, for my move, I actually did not tell a single person,” he said.

Disguised Toast then noted that the only person who did find out about his move before it happened was fuslie because she asked to know as a birthday present a few days before it was announced.

“I think even knowing Ludwig or Sykkuno’s move I still would’ve picked Twitch because at the end of the day I do have overlap with Ludwig and I do have overlap with Sykkuno,” the streamer said. “It’s definitely better to not overlap with your friends.”

While Disguised Toast didn’t provide any further details on the situation or any information on who might be changing platforms, five more streamers possibly making the switch from Twitch to YouTube Gaming isn’t too surprising especially following the potential upcoming Twitch monetization changes.

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