Twistzz destroys his old teammates as FaZe turn Anubis upside down in BLAST World Finals

The player took no prisoners this time.

FaZe Clan booked a spot in BLAST World Finals 2022 semifinals after reverse sweeping Team Liquid in Group A upper final today.

Twistzz was the main star of the series. The Canadian had a solid performance on the first map, Mirage, but he put out an even better showing on Inferno and Anubis. He finished the series with a 73-45 KD ratio, topping the scoreboard far ahead of his teammates rain and ropz, who ended with 59-47 and 58-39 KD ratios, respectively.

On Inferno and Mirage, Twistzz was far better than any other player on the server. He devastated his former teammates from Liquid. He had a 20/10/3 KDA ratio on the former map while boasting a 29/14/3 score on the latter, according to HLTV.

Another interesting aspect of today’s series was the difference in the CT side round win rate. The map has looked T-sided, and the stats proved have proved that. After Liquid’s victory over Outsiders on the map yesterday, the T side had over 56 percent of games won. Today, it was a vastly different affair.

FaZe won 12 CT-sided rounds in the first half of Anubis, which somewhat inspired Liquid to make a comeback attempt after switching sides. The North American team managed to claim six rounds on the defensive side. The teams proved that if played well, Anubis can also be CT-sided.

With the result, FaZe have advanced straight to the semifinals of BLAST World Final, while Liquid clinched a spot in the quarterfinals. The latter will face either Heroic and Natus Vincere.

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