Twisted Fate to receive VFX updates to accompany League Patch 12.10

The Card Master has some new tricks up his sleeve.

One of League of Legends oldest champions is set to receive new visuals that will make his magic tricks feel more modern.

Riot Zhanos revealed in a thread on the League PBE subreddit that Twisted Fate will be the next recipient of extensive VFX updates. These changes will not impact Twisted Fates kit in any capacity, but rather make his abilities clearer for allies and enemies to discern.

A video teasing some of the visual updates to Twisted Fate shows new effects added to his basic attacks and all of his abilities. Most notably, the cards in Twisted Fates W received new visuals to showcase the magic each card holds, such as chains appearing on enemies trapped by a gold card and a large explosion stemming from a red card.

Riot Zhanos specified that a number of Twisted Fates skins will also be receiving visual updates of their own to bring them up to par with the champions more recent skins. This includes The Magnificent Twisted Fate, which is one of the oldest available Legendary skins in the game but has struggled immensely to maintain that Legendary status due to outdated visuals.

Twisted Fate has remained a popular pick in professional play for a number of years due to his ability to teleport almost anywhere on the Rift. Due to the team-centric nature of this ability, he is not often seen in solo queue outside of high Elo, making him a more niche mid lane pick when champions like Ahri and Syndra are more accessible and easier to make an impact with.

These visual changes to Twisted Fate are set to release alongside Leagues Patch 12.10, which is expected to go live on May 25. This patch will also debut the long-awaited durability update, in which Riot is attempting to mitigate issues caused by the sheer amount of burst damage and healing in the game.

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