Tweek pulls off invincible run through star-studded Let’s Make Big Moves 2023 bracket

And in a Super Major, of all events.

‘Clip Tweek’ is back, and hes winning games in style, most recently eliminating Sparg0 in the Lets Make Big Moves Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Grand Finals.

Tweek had a slump across the 2022 season. While he was still placing around the top eight during that time, hes shown visible frustration about his gameplay. That changed today, after he was proclaimed champion of Lets Make Big Moves 2023.

This tournament wasn’t just your regular tournament; its considered a “Super Major” tournament because almost all of the top players were in attendance. That meant competition was fierce. MKLeo, Sparg0, Tweek, Onin, Riddles, Cosmos, and Light were all in attendance, so winning this tournament was no easy feat. But Tweek sure made it feel easy.

Tweek won the tournament without dropping a single set. He sent MKLeo, Spargo, and Riddles to the Losers bracket where they then all fell under different opponents. That is, save for Sparg0, who he had to end with his own hands.

MKLeo, considered the best player in the Smash world at the moment, exited fourth after falling at the hands of Tweek and then Sonix. Sonix is an immaculate Sonic player whos had notoriety lately when he started placing high in Smash tournaments last year and even winning a few of them over top players such as Riddles. This time, hes eliminated MKLeo to finish in third.

The Tweek-vs-Leo rivalry originated back from the Smash 4 era when both were vying for the top spot after ZeRo, the best player, retired. While MKLeo dominated the earlier era of Ultimate, Tweek sets himself up to dominate the latter era with this win.

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