Tweek overcomes Mario extraordinaire Kurama at Port Priority 7

Tweek showed everyone he's here to stay.

Tweek got up and went to work with his trusted Diddy Kong and knocked the competition out of Port Priority 7.

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player reminded everyone just how deadly his Diddy Kong is after not winning a major for more than a year, with his last win being Smash Ultimate Summit 3. Tweek came from the losers bracket after losing to Chronos in the top 128 before climbing back and beating players such as naitosharp, Anathema, Ken, Shuton, and Kurama to win the tournament.

Kurama has been making waves since he placed third in Ludwig Smash Invitational. Placing second in this tournament only cements his position as a top player and silences the doubters. Even MkLeo, the best Smash Ultimate player in the world is scared of him.

Shuton and Ken also attended this tournament but were beaten by Tweek and Kurama. Shuton took third while Ken took fourth. Kameme also had an appearance with his signature Sora at fifth place together with Anathema. 

Kameme has been the only pro player who makes Sora work at a high level. Maister has tried to make it work, but it seems that there really is just something that separates Kameme from the other Soras. WaDi is also fiddling with the character but we have no idea when hell take the character into a tournament or if he will even get top eight with it.

This tournament has been somewhat of a redemption arc for Tweek. After falling down to losers at a very early phase of the bracket, he clawed back and showed everyone he still has it in him. Kurama, on the other hand, has been an overlooked player until he showed everyone what his Mario can do.

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