TSM reportedly considered leaving LCS and joining LEC

One of esports' most recognizable teams was close to leaving NA.

TSM has grown to be one of the most popular League of Legends teams since the organization’s inception back in 2011, but according to a report by Dexerto’s Richard Lewis, the team was close to leaving the LCS.

Dexerto sources say that TSM recently considered selling its LCS spot due to three main factors: reducing costs of the team’s various esports projects, the level of competition in the region, along with the falling popularity of League as a whole in North America.

There were also sources that claim TSM was looking to join the LEC via the newly-vacated Misfits Gaming slot. The organization made some primary inquiries around a possible sale before Team Heretics ended up purchasing the spot for a reported $45 to $50 million.

This move would have been made purely because it made sense financially for them to join the top European league, especially with how much growth the league had seen over the past few years.

TSM has struggled to find success throughout the 2022 LCS Summer Split, as they currently sit in second-last place with an abysmal 3-8 record. They have three more weeks to try and qualify for a playoff spot before their dreams of a World Championship berth are dashed away.

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