TSM is looking for a GM to lead its CS:GO return. Here’s how you can apply

Welcome back.

It’s been on the cards for a while and now, finally, TSM is making its first step back into the professional Counter-Strike scene sometime in the 2023 season.

As the org builds up to its return, TSM posted an ad on LinkedIn today sharing it’s on the hunt for a new top dog in the form of a CS:GO general manager, and it’s open to everyone; there are just a few requirements you’ll have to meet first.

TSM is looking for someone with high domain expertise and understanding of the competitive CS:GO landscape with an ability to navigate an industry that is constantly evolving and fluency in English, among other things.

The job post might give aspiring GMs an insight into what theyre aiming to implement in the future. TSM is on the hunt for someone who has an understanding of how to build strong teams and manage expectations of players (main team and/or academy team).

You’ll hopefully be the mastermind behind a squad that can surpass TSM’s League, Dota 2, VALORANT, and Rainbow Six rosters, and handle running an academy team too.

This wouldnt be the first time TSMs been a part of the CS:GO scene. At one point, the org fielded the core of dupreeh, device, and Xyp9x until they made the switch to Astralis in 2016, and we all know how well that team did once they left.

Once the Danes made their way over to Astralis, the org set their eyes on the NA CS:GO region. They acquired some of the best, upcoming players in the scene (including FaZes Russel Twistzz Van Dulken) but ended up having mediocre results throughout 2017.

TSMs last CS:GO endeavor came to an end in 2017 after controversy surrounding ex-TSM player Sean Gares being removed due to a player rights dispute. Shortly after the incident, the rest of the team followed Gares to Misfits.

Since then, the NA org has been floating through cyberspace, avoiding picking up a CS:GO roster until the scene needed their triumphant return.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to stage their return, apply now!

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