TSM Apex get bored in scrims, decide to have boxing matches instead

Remember, the important thing is to have fun.

TSM’s next Apex Legends competitive matches will start in two weeks with the ALGS Playoffs, but players don’t seem too stressed out about it.

In a livestream, TSM’s ImperialHal was scrimming against international teams when his team decided to determine the battle royale’s champion in an unorthodox way: boxing.

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While he was engaging the last surviving team, ImperialHal dropped his shield and fired randomly in the sky to show he wasn’t willing to fight with fire weapons.

“We punch. Drop your armors,” a teammate said. When the enemies understood what they meant to do, they stopped firing and dropped their shields too, getting back to full health before engaging in rotating one-vs-one melee showdowns.

This team was Oxygen (HEC’s former squad). The enemy Valkyrie almost singlehandedly killed TSM’s members with her heirloom but died after an honorable fight.

All ALGS playoff teams have been scrimming almost everyday to train for the tournament, which begins on Feb. 2. But some players are fed up with those, saying a part of players don’t put much effort in scrims compared to tournament matches, making practice more challenging.

“I’m actually tilted, what a waste of time. If you’re going to contest, please show up prepared, that’s all I ask,” TSM player Raven said in ImperialHal’s livestream. “Otherwise, it’s a waste of my fucking time. I’mma put myself in timeout.”

Teammates got annoyed after a scrims day where the team struggled to learn anything out of it. Playoff teams will keep playing in mandatory scrim sessions, though, until the tournament start. In the meantime, it appears TSM has found another solution to make scrims fun again with melee showdowns to crown the champions.

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