Tryndamere gets a bizarre pentakill in League with almost one ability

This'll be a slaughter.

Most pentakills in League of Legends feature amazing plays and ability combinations that make the result even more satisfying. Most, but not all of them.

One League’s subreddit user, Permazzz, posted a pentakill he scored with Tryndamere yesterday. He was playing in the ARAM mode and eliminated almost all five opponents with a single abilitySpinning Slash.

Tryndamere’s setup was more than perfect. All five enemies were low on health, with around 100 health points on every one of them. They tried to patch themselves up with a heal underneath their second-tier tower, but Tryndamere had other plans.

The Barbarian King hit Syndra with a Snowball, allowing himself to teleport to her if he wanted to. With the enemy team all getting together in a certain area to heal up, it was too perfect for Tryndamere. He quickly transferred himself to Syndra’s location, rolled over the rest of her squad with Spinning Slash, and finished Qiyana with a basic attack, completing his pentakill.

ARAM mode usually features a lot of bizarre plays, but Tryndamere getting four kills with one E is something especially out of the ordinary. The champion seems to be doing fairly well in the mode, with a 50.57 percent win rate according to U.GG.

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