Treatz proclaims the death of EU LoL Champions Queue

The second split has apparently seen a slow start.

League of Legends Champions Queue was introduced to European servers in January, offering a new way for professional players to practice on the ladder.

Since its release, LEC and EMEA ERL pros have been playing a lot on the dedicated server, with some already counter over 50 games played. But the server might already be dying, according to former SK Gaming support Treatz.

Last night, he complained he sat in the queue for almost three hours without finding a game. Since the server is only up for four hours a day, this means he couldn’t train at all before it closed. “EU Champions Queue is officially dead,” Treatz tweeted.

League pros and experts responded to Treatz, joking how Europeans blamed North Americans players for not training enough in Champions Queue last year, only to see the same issues arise in their own region.

Others tried to analyze why Champions Queue is already losing interest in Europe. League expert LS said the community’s culture wasn’t a fertile ground for personalized practice environments, contrary to games that released much earlier on, which could explain why its popularity varies.

Since the LEC Spring Split kicked off at the same time, it might also be due to teams schedules.

It might also be due to the late server opening hours, as Perkz mentioned as a concern of his in January.

Champions Queue was introduced a year ago in North America, and it’s been through its ups and downs since. It appears its no different to any other region.

Four days a week, from 10pm to 2am local time, accredited players from the LEC or participating ERL leagues can face off against each other in matchmade games on a dedicated queue.

Similarly to NA’s Champions Queue, Europe’s feature several splits replicating the LEC schedule. It’ll feature four splits in the season and reward the best players when each split ends. The second split kicked off on Feb. 28 and will last around a month.

Meanwhile, teams still have over a week to prepare before stepping onto the LEC stage again, when Spring Split kicks off on March 11.

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