Trainwreck wants to form Dota 2 team, names Arteezy and zai among key targets

He's back to talking about the Dota 2 scene.

Popular slot streamer Tyler Faraz Niknam, better known as Trainwreck, recently talked about several Dota 2 topics regarding the current state of the scene. Out of all his comments, the one that stood out the most to his viewers was when he mentioned he wanted to start his own Dota 2 team, and it seems like he already has a few popular names in mind.

In his stream, Trainwreck mentioned three names that he would pick right off the bat to join his new Dota 2 team: Gustav “s4” Magnusson, Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg, and Artour “Arteezy” Babaev. Trainwreck has been a massive fan of Dota 2 and has mentioned several times over the years that he wanted to create a team of his own, despite his claims of popular Dota 2 streamers SingSing and AdmiralBulldog not taking him seriously.

Even though most other players claim this idea will not come to fruition, he seemingly remains steadfast on the matter. He had a few comments regarding Evil Geniuses not making it far in this year’s TI by congratulating Arteezy on his legendary Dota 2 run so far, urging him to not lose hope and keep playing. He called Arteezy the best player since day one and hopes to one day be by his side when Artour finally wins the big one again.

According to Trainwreck, the reason Arteezy is unable to reach the top of the mountain again after his previous peak at TI5 is that he hasn’t found the right fit of supporting players for himself yet. EG has been Arteezy’s home for years now and the organization has invested a lot into him in that span of time. No matter the iteration of Evil Geniuses, they have always drafted around Arteezy as a key player because many believe his knowledge of game mechanics and overall gameplay to be better than the rest.

This has led many fans into thinking that Arteezy throws his weight around and influences the rest of his team away from their strengths and drags them into his pace. While this fact is often disputed, a lot of players and fans believe it to be true, with several claims of Artour being a “toxic” player in their pubs. Trainwreck had some choice words to say on that matter as well.

With his vast fortune and influence, it seems likely that Trainwreck could start his own Dota 2 team. His mind seems to be made up on the players he wants as well, but will this idea finally succeed? Only time will tell.

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