Torbjörn gets major buff thanks to Lifeweaver and a sticky Overwatch 2 glitch

Say goodbye to Symmetra.

Lifeweavers supportive abilities like Petal Platform have morphed the way Overwatch 2 players approach combining ultimates, attacking, and defending, and now Torbjörns turret has squeezed its way into the next stage of the meta.

Pairing the two mightve created a glitch in the OW2 system, where long-range turrets can now stick to walls, meaning nowhere on any map is safe anymore.

Players observed the new Torbjörn meta in an April 27 Reddit post, after one crafty player shared a gameplay clip that showcased a Lifeweaver platform lodging a Torb turret into the wall. The platform raised it to new heights, leaving the pesky Torbjörn turret fixed against the metal doors and firing away. It stuck there for a long time too, thanks to repairs from the turret creator, chipping away at the opponents from range.

Torbjörns turret can usually sit atop the various buildings and platforms throughout Overwatch. Its been able to reach random spots at the peaks of the map and sit atop the moving payload. However, it seems Torbjörns taking a page out of Symmetras book now.

Symmetras deployable turrets can deal 40 damage per second with three turrets scattered around any platform in the game. Now, with this bugged Torbjörn spot can rival Symmetras turrets with roughly 33.6 damage per second. The thing that separates the two is the fact Torbjörns turret can reach up to 40 meters, whereas Symmetras turrets can only reach Overwatch opponents a shorter 14 meters away.

Torbjorns turret health eclipses Symmetras Sentry by 195 health too. Paired with the fact Torbjörn can heal his turret when necessary and this could see one of Overwatch 2s most pesky damage heroes usurped in the meta.

Hopefully, this glitch gets some attention from Blizzard in the near future. Otherwise, every single OW2 lobby could soon be filled with Lifeweaver and Torbjörn duos.

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