Top VALORANT pro Derke explains how you can become the best duelist

Let's go.

One of the best VALORANT players in the world has some tips for those looking to hone their skills. 

Derke, the star fragger for Fnatic, divulged the methods to become a better player in the duelist role in a thread on social media today. He knows what hes talking aboutFnatic is in the semi-final of the first international VALORANT event of the year. 

The fundamental task for duelist players is to create space for the team, Derke said. Early kills are important when on defense and offense to secure positioning on the map, which makes life easier for your teammates. 

Derke preached practice makes perfectspend some time in a custom lobby to get used to agent abilities and practice the lineups you can utilize to become more efficient. To add to this, watching professional players or content creators that are experienced on the agent may provide some extra tips since theyre at the top of their game. 

The practice routine is a part of the process, too. He said warming up, which you can adhere to on a daily basis, will instill consistency and make you a better player individually. For example, players can use third-party aim training software such as Aim Labs or use the Deathmatch feature. 

Derke is an advocate for retaining the same settings. He said players shouldnt get into the routine of changing crosshairs, sensitivity, or other settings which may create inconsistency. 

Theres also a golden rule to climbing out of ranked. Partnering up with a friend or another player in the initiator role will help players without having to rely on teammates that may not know what theyre doing. 

Derke is known as one of the best duelists in the world and he doesnt slack when it matters. At VCT LOCK//IN, which is ongoing, he was ranked the fourth-best player from the Omega bracket, according to

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