Top-ranked VALORANT players are the only ones that can win with Chamber anymore

He's still alive, in a way.

Across virtually all game modes, competitive ranks, and every region of pro play, the once meta-dominating Chamber has fallen out of favor. From Iron all the way to Radiant, he is averaging a pick rate between only two and three percent, and he’s seen little to no use on the pro level.

However in Radiant, despite fielding a pick rate of less than two percent, Chamber is still one of the winningest and most impactful agents used by players at the highest rank. Per stats from, Chamber has the fourth-highest win rate at 52.2 percent, and the highest K/D at 1.16. He also has the sixth-highest Average Combat Score (ACS), behind all duelists except for Neon, who coincidentally has the absolute lowest pick rate of any agent during Episode Six, Act Two at 0.5 percent.

If you drop just a single rank down to the Immortal 3 division, Chamber’s win rate drops significantly as well down to 47.8 percent, which is second worst above only KAY/O. He does however retain high numbers in K/D and ACS at various ranks, but his win rate across virtually all ranks lower than Radiant hovers around 47 to 48 percent.

Chamber’s falloff over the past couple of acts has not been surprising; the 5.12 update hit the sniper-sentinel agent with a wave of impactful nerfs that drastically reduced his Rendezvous teleport range, range-restricted his Trademark, and reduced the impact of both Headhunter and the Tour De Force ultimate.

But it’s not surprising to see that eventually some people have found a way to use Chamber in a positive and impactful way, and of course, it’s the players playing the game competitively at the highest skill tier. While Rendezvous now features one anchor instead of two, the bigger radius around the anchor allows for new angles to be held that couldn’t be before.

Additionally, Tour De Force and Headhunter are still deadly in the hands of the most mechanically gifted players, and like Jett’s knives are so incredibly useful in half-buys or anti-eco rounds. Could he stand to receive some buffs, like a reduced Trademark placement cooldown after recall? Of course, but the stats show he’s not the most useless agent post-nerfs.

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