Top laners, Yuumi enthusiasts are getting bad news in League’s first patch of 2023

The nerf list is pretty extensive to open up the new year.

Welcome to the new year, summoners.

In League of Legends upcoming Patch 13.1, there will be a host of different champions getting knocked down a peg by Riot Games, including a handful of powerful top lane picks and everyone’s favorite Curious Cat.

Aatrox has been one of the most highly-contested champions in the pro scene, boasting some of the highest pick-ban rates at international competitions through 2022. He didn’t, however, see the same level of success in the solo queue scene, hovering around a 49 percent win rate between Patch 12.19 to 12.22, according to U.GG.

Ever since League Patch 12.23, however, the Darkin Blade has quickly become the most-picked top lane champion among players ranked Platinum and higher. His win rate now sits just over 50 percent, while still holding the title for the fourth-most banned champion in his role.

Dr. Mundo and Fiora are also leaders in their own roles, with the former standing strong with the highest win rate of any top lane champion and the latter being the third-most banned champion in the game. As a result, they’ll also be getting hit with nerfs in the first patch of the year with K’Sante and Mordekaiser joining them.

One important champion on the nerf list that many people are happy to see is Yuumi, who has been one of the most frustrating champions to deal with in the profession and solo queue scene. The Curious Cat still has the highest ban rate of any support in the game, thanks to her incredible poke damage and late game utility.

Patch 13.1 is scheduled to hit live servers on Tuesday, Jan. 10.

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