Top female CS:GO pro leaves Brazil to continue career in an unexpected region

She'll definitely make an impact on her new team.

Olga Rodrigues, one of the best female CS:GO pros in the world, has left the Brazilian team FURIA to join the Chinese team HaoShengGaming, her new organization announced today.

The negotiations had been ongoing for days and Olga asked to leave FURIA, according to a report by Dust 2 Brasil. She was the best player on the team, having averaged a superb 1.39 rating in 45 maps played throughout 2022, according to HLTV. Despite Olga’s heroics, FURIA have never managed to beat Nigma Galaxy, the best female team in the scene. The Brazilians played Nigma Galaxy in three ESL Impact grand finals in 2022 and lost all three, and were once again taken down this year in the semifinals of ESL Impact Katowice in February.

Olga had been a part of FURIA since 2021 and played a huge role in the organization’s journey in female CS:GO. Now, Olga will be a part of HSG’s seven-player roster and most likely take the place of Wu “XiaoWu” Xinni in the active lineup, who didn’t play in the last tournament HSG attendedthe Asian ESL Impact Cash Cup earlier this monthand was replaced by a free agent player, Fang “LEO” Dongmei.

The move was made official one day after the third season of ESL Impact began across the European, North American, and South American divisions. Asia doesn’t have its own division this season, but the teams from the region will compete in a wildcard qualifier and fight for one spot at the ESL Impact season three finals in Dallas in June.

Although Olga will likely play fewer games in 2023 because of this change, she’ll have the opportunity to try to qualify for the RMR of the second CS:GO Major of 2023 because HSG doesn’t have a male team and therefore can only send its female team to the open qualifiers. That would never happen on FURIA because the organization already uses its male team in the Major circuit, unless she was promoted to the main team to play alongside KSCERATO and yuurih.

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