Top Esports’ Knight wins worldwide Summer Split KDA title with only double-digit mark

The LPL star is headed to the postseason as one of the hottest players in the world.

All four major League of Legends regions saw their Summer Splits come to a close yesterday, and it was Top Esports mid laner Knight who took home the 2022 Summer Split KDA crown. Knights final KDA of 10.0 was the highest among all players across Leagues major regions and was the only double-digit mark among qualified players in the world. 

This summer, Knight played 38 total games for Top Esports, posting a combined scoreline of 183/42/239, according to League stats site Games of Legends. While more players around the globe outranked him when it came to kills and assists, it was Knights impressive mark of 1.1 deaths per game that allowed him to surpass all other players in the world in the KDA department. 

The champion that Knight found the most success with this summer was Taliyah. He played the Stoneweaver five times this split, winning all five games and earning an individual KDA of 19.3 with the champion, according to Games of Legends

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Beyond Knight, the next-highest KDA in the world this summer belonged to Evil Geniuses support Vulcan, who posted a KDA of 8.72 this split. Team Liquid mid laner Bjergsen was right behind him with a KDA of 8.68. Bjergsen was 0.04 points off from winning North Americas KDA title in both the Spring and Summer Splits. 

In Europe, G2 Esports bottom lane duo of Targamas and Flakked ranked first and second, respectively, in the LECs KDA race while Gen.G teammates Ruler and Chovy took first and second place in the LCK. The Spring Splits worldwide KDA king, Fnatic AD carry Upset, finished with a mark of 5.7 this summer, a full 10-plus points lower than the stunning 16.5 number he put up in the first half of the year. 

As for Knight, hell return to the LPL stage on Aug. 22 for Top Esports’ fourth-round Summer Split playoff matchup. Because Top Esports finished first in the LPL Summer Split, they earned three byes, slotting them deep in the leagues postseason bracket. 

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