Top Esports become first LPL team to qualify for Worlds 2022 with playoff win over EDG

This victory also confirms their spot in the upper bracket finals of the 2022 LPL Summer Split playoffs.

With a spot in the upper bracket finals of the 2022 LPL Summer Split playoffs on the line, both Top Esports and EDward Gaming went all guns blazing in their League of Legends series today. It was a back-and-forth match as both teams took turns winning games, forcing out a game five to decide the winner. 

In the end, TES outmaneuvered EDG in the final game to take the series 3-2, also becoming the first LPL team to qualify for Worlds 2022 in the process.

EDG started strong, dominating TES in game one. It seemed like they read all of TES’ moves like an open book, countering their strategies perfectly during engages. EDGs teamwork and communication were on point in this match.

By the time EDG bagged this game, TES had only secured a single kill.

But TES bounced back in the next game thanks to their bottom lane duos impeccable performance. JackeyLoves Zeri and Marks Braum became the driving force that helped TES get their first win of the day. 

JackeyLoves Zeri was unkillable in teamfights and was able to melt down EDGs champions after getting his key items. He ended the game with a 9/0/7 KDA, showcasing his top-class skills in the game.

But a single defeat was not able to shake EDGs spirit. This time, it was their AD carry who led the charge for the team in game three. Vipers Lucian proved to be too deadly for TES. He was able to single-handedly change the fate of any skirmish in the late game by picking off enemy champions with a single combo. Viper produced a 12/2/3 scoreline en route to giving EDG a 2-1 series lead.

With EDG being on match point, TES had to commit to macro-style gameplay. Tians Sejuani proved to be the difference-maker for the team as his timely flanks and ambushes caught EDGs champions off guard multiple times. 

With TES securing the Hextech Soul and the first Baron, EDGs defenses just crumbled against this buffed onslaught.

It all came down to game five, where both teams refused to give the enemy any ground for building an advantage. The teamfights were exceptionally close, but ultimately, it was TES that came out on top. 

They managed to ace EDG and were successful in rushing down their base to destroy their Nexus. 

TES have now qualified for the upper bracket finals of the 2022 LPL Summer Split playoffsas well as Worlds 2022where they will face the winner of LNG vs. JDG on Aug. 26. 

EDG are not out of the playoffs just yet. They will face the loser of LNG vs. JDG on Aug. 25 and must win that series to advance further in the postseason.

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