Too slow for the show: Player sets a regrettable record at Worlds 2022

A series of unfortunate events.

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The 2022 League of Legends World Championship is the best time and place to witness the cream of the crop either fumble or set impressive records. The latest discovered record involves a Chinese support player, and, to be perfectly honest, its a rather unfortunate one. 

Thanks to MoleculeLoL, we now know Royal Never Give Ups support, Shi Ming Sen-Ming, has set the record for the slowest damage done in a Worlds game. In RNGs matchup against T1, Ming, who played Nautilus, dealt his first damage to a champion at 21:06. 

Although this is an unfortunate record to set in your esports career, its difficult to blame Ming for not doing damage earlier in the game since he was playing against Ashe and Heimerdinger, a heavy poke and peel lane that is terribly difficult to punish even if they overstep.

On top of all of that, Heimerdinger has been picked in the past in LCK as a counter to Nautilus since his turrets can act as hookable units, and he can kite Nautilus for days with his slow and stun. So, if you really want to direct your frustration at someone, it should definitely be the coaching staff since RNG picked Nautilus after Ashe and Heimerdinger.

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