Toast tried to sign a former 100T coach for his VALORANT team

It didn't work out, unfortunately.

A top-tier North American VALORANT coach was close to joining Disguised Toast’s team.

Toast’s VALORANT team qualified for the VCT NA Challengers League last night, with the streamer himself following the game on his stream. Following the victory, Toast revealed he had triedand failedto sign former 100 Thieves head coach, Sean Gares, to coach his VALORANT squad.

“They put me in contact [with Sean Gares], and I’m like ‘Sean, I heard you’re a good coach, I need you.’ And he’s like ‘nah, sorry, I got some stuff going on,'” Disguised Toast admitted during the broadcast.

For most of 2022, Sean Gares was devoted to coaching. He was behind the steering wheel of 100 Thieves’ VALORANT division, with whom he reached VALORANT Champions. At the tournament, the squad failed to qualify beyond the groups after struggling against Fnatic and DRX. Before coaching for 100T, the 34-year-old was a streamer for Gen.G and a professional CS:GO player for a number of years.

Sean Gares and 100 Thieves parted ways on Oct. 19, and the coach has yet to provide any updates regarding his future.

Despite Gares choosing not to join Toast’s team, the squad doesn’t lack veteran experience. Joshua “steel” Nissan led the four rookies into qualification for VCT Challengers 2023: North America yesterday.

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