Toast signs most of his VALORANT roster while facing name decision and other teams ‘sniping’ him

The Bakery actually slaps as a team name.

Content creator and chessboxing winner DisguisedToast is getting closer and closer to completing his pro VALORANT roster, despite facing the setbacks that typically befall other new esports organization founders.

Toast, who announced his plans to put together a pro competitive VALORANT roster back in October, recently confirmed on stream that he has successfully formed “a new company” to sign players and has already officially signed three players to the team. Toast appears to be waiting on a few more players to sign contracts that have been sent out.

While he’s waiting, Toast has had to face challenges that are not unfamiliar to esports org ownership, particularly new owners. In a stream last week, Toast said that one of the biggest problems facing him right now is that he doesn’t have a team name. He suggested that his chat come up with a name but is hesitant to go with something “dumb” they might suggest, like The Bakery.

He also made it clear he didn’t want to call the team Toast Esports or include the term “esports” and said that the company is “a whole new thing” that doesn’t have to allude to him with the name at all, as long as it has a name he can “go to sponsors” with. “I’m trying to get these guys to VCT,” he told his chat. “I can’t be calling them the Rizz-lords.”

Finding the right name and navigating sponsors haven’t been his only obstacles, though. During his stream, Toast revealed that another team apparently sniped a player that his organization had eyes on signing. While describing his first “team owner experience,” Toast said another organization signed the player his team was trialing after scrimming against that other organization and impressing them.

While it wasn’t confirmed officially and Toast didn’t say who, there’s a strong chance that the player is aspiring pro player Demon1, who was reportedly trialing with Toast’s team, according to VALORANT reporter Flynn for VLR. Demon1 is reportedly set to sign on with the 10-man roster for Evil Geniuses, who could be the team Toast is alluding to. EG is a partnered organization in the VCT Americas League.

Regardless, Toast should be announcing his roster and potentially the team’s name relatively soon, with NA VALORANT Challengers league qualifiers set to start as soon as Jan. 9.

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