Titanfall fans think scrapped Apex Legends single-player game leak sounds too good to be true

What could have been.

The Titanfall community, forever unable to catch a break in the hopes for the future of their wall-running FPS franchise, has had a lot to say about a recent report of a single-player Apex Legends game being canceled.

A report on Wednesday, Feb. 1 claimed that EA and Respawn Entertainment had pulled the plug on a single-player game in the Titanfall and Apex universe, and another report from Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grub on Feb. 2 added some painful details to the revelation.

According to Grubb, speaking on Giant Bomb’s Twitch channel, the canceled title was set to be something of a campaign for Apex, featuring Titanfall characters like Kuben Blisk and the Titan BT, wall-running gameplay, and legends from the battle royale title. He also said it was inspired by Doom Eternal, and Apex’s Rampart would somehow bring the Titan BT back to life.

Grubb later added further information, saying that the game was “going to take inspiration from Hades” where “you might start with a dash, but then you can unlock a dash that deflects enemy fire back at them.” He added that the game “was gonna be so good.”

The news hit the Titanfall Reddit, and the commenters there had some interestingly mixed reactions. Some of the community members believe Grubb’s report to be too good to be true, while others are quite upset at the news for a variety of reasons.

“As much as I want more Titanfall, the idea of bringing back BT but not Jack Cooper does not sit well with me,” one commenter said. “This description sounds more like [clickbait] than a true well-thought out game.”

Some others in the thread don’t want Apex mixed in with their Titanfall, which seems inevitable, considering they are both from the same universe and feature numerous characters crossing over.

“This feels like it could be controversial but: as someone who loves TF but doesn’t really get into Apex, I don’t want Apex involved,” another comment said. “I want a sequel to TF2, not a merge of TF and Apex.

Another commenter had a unique opinion about the reported cancelation of a new game in the series: joy.

“I’m [not gonna lie], I’m glad it got canceled,” one Redditor said in a comment with over 360 upvotes. “Don’t get me wrong, I love Titanfall but that sounds awful. Like a fever dream crossed with nostalgia bait wrapped up in [an] Apex wrapping paper.”

Most commenters agreed that the list of points revealed by Grubb may have been storyboard brainstorming material and not realistic to get into the actual game, which now will most likely never see the light of day.

“As another member said, this feels way too good to be true as an actual game, it may have been a wishlist, but this wouldnt have all made it,” the most-upvoted comment in the thread reads.

Sadly, we will never know what this potential game would have looked like. For now, it appears Respawn and EA are focused on Apex’s battle royale game, and Titanfall may be shelved for the foreseeable future.

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