TimTheTatman to host special OWL grand finals co-stream on YouTube

God help whoever he puts in his predictions.

TimTheTatman, one of YouTube Gaming’s top streamers and a longtime Overwatch player, will be hosting a special co-stream during the Grand Finals for the 2022 Overwatch League season.

While the announcement doesn’t directly say when Tim will be hosting his co-stream, which is made even more confusing by the league’s insistence on referring to the entire playoffs as the Grand Finals, he will likely be hosting his co-stream during the grand final championship match on Friday, Nov. 4.

Tim, a part owner of the Complexity organization, switched over to the YouTube Gaming platform back in September 2021, leaving behind Twitch after nine years. At the time of departing, Tim was one of Twitch’s biggest creators; he was among the top 20 most-watched Twitch streamers when he left, and was at the time the biggest streamer to switch to YouTube exclusively. Numerous streaming stars have switched to YouTube since Tim’s departure, including Ludwig, Sykkuno, LilyPichu, Myth, and Fuslie.

Both Tim and the Overwatch League have YouTube exclusivity in common. YouTube acquired exclusive streaming rights to both the OWL and the Call of Duty League at the start of 2020, following the conclusion of an exclusive streaming deal between Activision Blizzard and Twitch. OWL officially introduced co-streaming for the first time at the start of the 2022 season.

The participants of the grand finals of the OWL 2022 playoffs are still to be determined, with the upper bracket semifinals and the second round of the lower bracket scheduled for Nov. 2. Dallas, Seoul, Houston, and London remain in the upper bracket, while LA Gladiators, San Francisco, Florida, and Hangzhou are fighting for survival in the lower bracket.

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