Tier or no tier? This fan-made WoW chart tells you everything you need to know about Aberrus gear

Pressure or no pressure?

If youre still looking at the tier sets with more questions than answers, not knowing if you should head to Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible and get your tier gear, heres a fan-made chart that will tell you how urgently you need to pick it up.

On May 15, a World of Warcraft player on Reddit created a comprehensive chart outlining the DPS increase you get from Aberrus tier gear when compared to the gear of a similar item level. The data used in this chart was pulled from Bloodmallet, a site used to simulate the sheer numbers of almost every aspect of your favorite spec.

The chart in total has four columns with two of them dealing with your single-target damage output with tier sets, and the other two exploring the damage increase for AoE scenarios. 

Overall, the highest damage increase is seen when specs get their hands on the four-set, meaning that your goal should be to get complete tier gear as soon as possible.

The specs that should definitely head to Aberrus immediately and start clearing bosses on any difficulty just to get tier gear are Fire Mages since they get up to a 20 percent damage increase in AoE scenarios and a 13 percent damage increase in single-target encounters. Another spec that is already eyeing tier gear is Enhancement Shaman because it will get up to a 12 percent damage boost for single target fights and an almost 17 percent increase for heavy AoE encounters.

On the other hand, the classes that arent looking forward to tier gear are Retribution Paladins and Demonology Warlocks until they get their four-piece, and Windwalker Monks and Marksmanship Hunters since the damage increase is only a couple of percent. 

Currently, the only sources of tier gear are Aberrus and the Great Vault dropsif youre lucky. The Revival Catalyst, a neat gadget that converts your regular gear into tier pieces, will only become available on June 13. For now, ride bravely into a battle with wicked Neltharions experiments and defeat Scalecommander Sarkareth once and for all.

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