Tier One Entertainment purchases RSG’s Division 1 Dota Pro Circuit slot in SEA

The Ancients called their name.

The post-TI roster shuffle period is a time when the dream rosters of 2023 gather. In addition to the free agency market, its also one of the better times for organizations to dip their toes into the competitive Dota 2 world, Tier One Entertainment just did that by acquiring RSGs division one slot in the SEA DPC.

Blacklist Internationals CEO, Tryke Gutierrez, confirmed the acquisition on Twitter, but the organizations 2023 roster remains a mystery for now.

Dota 2 will mark the Blacklists first expansion outside of the mobile esports scene, where the organization has a successful track record. Considering the number of available free agents in the SEA region after T1s disbandment, Blacklist will have quite a few options to fill out their roster before the season kicks off. 

The fact that the organization could secure a division one slot from RSG already makes them one of the primary recruiters in the region since many top players will want to avoid the hassle of going through the open qualifiers.

RSG released its Dota 2 roster back on Oct. 15 after a rather okay DPC year as a latecomer to the scene. The team clawed its way out of the second division in April and placed fourth in the last DPC tour in division one. Given the timeline of RSGs return to competitive Dota 2, the organization might have been after the pre-TI publicity that most soothe after. In RSGs case, the organization picked up a rapidly developing roster and made it to division one while performing well in regional tournaments.

With TI out of the way, RSG may have decided not to commit financially to the scene from the beginning since they can still pick up a team later in the year.

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