TI11 had as many TI winners as every other year combined—if you do some creative math

A genius player has figured it all out.

Believe it or not, math is an integral part of Dota 2.

Even the most simple-minded players (lets face it, there are a lot of them) need to crunch numbers sometimes. How else could they figure out if they have enough mana to cast a combo, or whether an enemy will die from an ability?

However, one player who happens to be a mathematical prodigy (its open to interpretation) took their skills to the next level by calculating an interesting statistic (again, open to interpretation) about The International 11: it had more winners than all other years combined.

Photo via [Valve](https://www.flickr.com/photos/dota2_theinternational/29312286567/)

First, the player, who goes by the name of Ahimtar, pointed out the obvious. Other than TI9, which OG won back-to-back after winning TI8, there has been a new set of winners at every event.

That means there have been 45 TI winners in total between TI1 and TI10, five for each one (excluding TI9).

TI11, on the other hand, was a different beast. Rather than adding five new winners to the total, which would bring it up to 50, the team who won it, Tundra Esports, had two players named 33 and Nine.

As Ahimtar pointed out, if you do the math, this means there were 45 winners at the event this year. Saksa, Skiter, and Sneyking are three of them, while 33 and Nine make up the other 42.

Photo via [Valve](https://twitter.com/dota2ti/status/1586709003224350720)

Its a groundbreaking calculation, to say the least. But would you expect anything less from a mathematical whiz?

On a real note, though, TI11 did bring the total number of TI winners to 50. There have been five new winners at every iteration of the event except for TI9, as previously mentioned.

The Aegis has been passed around a lot throughout the years, and that can only be a good thing for the scene.

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