Three’s a crowd: Riot unveils new addition to Ashen Knight skin line

A new knight from a long-forgotten past.

One of the newest League of Legends skin lines is getting a third member very soon. Riot Games showed off the next champion to join the Ashen Knight cosmetic universe today.

Set as mythic essence exclusive skin line, Sylas joins Pantheon and Pyke as a member of the mysterious Ashen Knights, a group of legendary warriors in a distant world who were left alone and eventually went mad after the death of their king.

The king of this universe wanted to shatter the shackles of magic for humanity to “truly reach its full potential as a species.” In a similar way, Sylas’ base lore has him fighting against Demacia as a revolutionist, as he bands together with his fellow persecuted mages to free the rest of the kingdom’s magic users from the shackles of royalty.

As an Ashen Knight, players looking to swipe this cosmetic will have to shell out some of their hard-earned mythic essence to add Sylas to their collection. The other two Ashen Knight skins for Pyke and Pantheon cost about 100 essence each and will not be available to purchase for RP. This makes the Ashen Knight skin line tough to pick up for casual players, since they might not be able to find enough essence through their general loot.

With Sylas’ addition to the mythic store, players should also expect a new emote, a special chroma for the skin, along with a couple of unvaulted Prestige skins.

League players can earn essence through Masterwork chests, milestone missions through events, and a whopping 125 essence can be purchased with 2200 of that event’s exclusive currency.

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