This supposedly unreleased League of Legends anthem is a ‘banger’—but the artist might have to take it down

He's brave.

Each year, Riot Games goes above and beyond to produce a new League of Legends anthem that will echo in our ears for months or years. Since these songs need to be absolute hits, Riot is extremely selective. Although last years anthem was Burn it All Down by PVRIS, British artist Simon Rosenfeld claims he composed a song called Heroes that was supposed to be the Worlds 2021 anthemand believes its a banger.

According to PCGamesN’s Lauren Bergin, who spoke to the artist himself, the song Heroes was shelved so that the industry titans PVRIS could compose the hit Burn it All Down. Although Rosenfeld did sign a contract with Riot, they did not, in fact, set an exact time and date to release Heroes. Believing that the song would be deferred indefinitely, Rosenfeld decided to take matters into his own hands and release the song.

When Rosenfeld tried to release the song for the first time, he received a request to take down the song from Soundcloud together with an email that it was a copy of Riot-owned song Heroes. “It looks like your track Heroes (feat. Myla) by BLMD might contain or be a copy of Heroes (feat. Myla) by BLMD, which is owned by WLTD Entertainment under exclusive license to Riot Games in certain territories,” the email read.

Rosenfeld, who couldnt give up so easily and believes the song is a banger, rereleased the song via a separate artist profile to avoid potentially arising issues. According to the artist, the song is up and ready on different platforms, and they still didnt have any issues with Riot.

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