This Overwatch 2 weekly mission change would be great—if it actually worked

Blizzard is still working out the kinks in the game's season three update.

Overwatch 2’s big season three update brought with it a slew of highly requested changes from the game’s player base, from cheaper skins to more free rewards, and even some quality-of-life changes.

However, one particular change, though well-intentioned, seems to not be functioning properly.

Overwatch 2 has several weekly mission challenges, along with hero-specific challenges and other challenges, that reward bonus XP towards battle pass completion. Most of these challenges incentivize players to try different aspects of the game, like Arcade game modes or trying out a new hero.

One popular mission is the “Role Mastery” weekly mission, which requires players to win three games playing each role in either the Quick Play or Competitive mode. In other words, to complete this challenge, players must win nine games, three as a tank hero, three as a damage hero, and three as a support hero.

Up until the season three update, players were having a very difficult time tracking the completion of this challenge. Unlike some other challenges, this weekly mission isn’t a “one and done” situation. If players are going out of their way to queue up as a different role to complete the challenge, they need to track how many games they’ve won on each role.

Before the most recent update, the counter displayed with the challenge wasn’t working correctly. The challenge would not display which roles you had already won a game on, meaning players mostly had to track it themselves.

This seems like an easy fix, and Blizzard listened. Upon launching the game with the new season three update, the challenge now shows a progress update that includes how many games have been won for each role.

Screencap via Blizzard Entertainment

However, players quickly realized that this counter doesn’t work either.

As Blizzard stated in the Feb. 7th forum post, the counter is incorrectly displaying games won. Some players have experienced the counter not updating at all despite winning a game, and some have experienced a bug where after winning a game on one role, all three roles will show a won game in the counter.

“There is an issue with the ‘Role Mastery’ Challenge not displaying the counts for each of the roles correctly,” the forum post said. “For example: When you complete three Tank role games, it will display 1 credit in each of the three different roles.”

Since this is a known issue, hopefully it gets corrected quickly. For now, players will have to continue tracking their Role Mastery progress using the method they trusted before the season three update.

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