This new Overwatch 2 skin will have players looking like The Mandalorian

You can run, but you can't hide.

Overwatch 2s latest cosmetic shop drops include a couple of familiar looks for players that enjoy doing some loose crossover cosplay, and one skin in particular for Baptiste will have gamers feeling like theyre a part of the Star Wars universe.

Called the Bounty Hunter skin, the legendary cosmeticreleased on April 26takes Baptistes mercenary background to an intergalactic level. The skin is part of a bundle that includes four items and costs 2,300 OW coins.

The skin itself looks like some sort of cross between Disneys Mandalorian and the 1980s protagonist from the film RoboCop. His metal helmet features a Marvel Cyclops-style visor, and his outfit is decked out with additional futuristic weapons, ammo, and everything else youd expect a galactic manhunter to have.

Image via Overwatch 2

The cosmetic isnt technically a crossover, but its close enough that it dips into the general idea of something you might see in a sci-fi movie or TV series. It also fits the overall seasonal theme of Space Opera.

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Baptiste is one of many heroes in the game Blizzard gave space-style skins to, including the Mythic Sigma skin that players get from reaching level 80 of the premium battle pass.

Baptiste isnt the only character this week to have a cosmetic offering that turns him into a copyright-safe version of another IP either. Widowmakers new Harlequin skin, which was also added to the shop yesterday, makes the Talon sniper look eerily similar to an early rendition of the massively popular DC supervillain Harley Quinn.

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