This new hardcore fantasy RPG is casting spells on the Steam Charts, even in early access

A new title to enjoy during holiday season.

From time to time, new games can conquer Steam out of nowhere, especially during the holiday season. This year, Dark and Darker is doing precisely that.

The game reached an eye-watering peak of 54,988 players enjoying it at the same time on Dec. 21, according to This stunning result was achieved just a few days after the early access was released last Friday, Dec. 16.

Dark and Darker is a PvPvE fantasy RPG. It’s currently free to play, but since the game is still in alpha, players need to ask the developers for early access if they themselves want to dive into the fantasy world.

In Dark and Darker, players form a three-man team and embark on adventures into the dungeons. Each player can customize their character by becoming a melee warrior, an archer, or a wizard. During those quests, players try to get as much loot as possible so that they can upgrade their gear and characters.

As always in games like these, though, they will be attacked by numerous different opponents on their waybut there is more. Besides the AI enemies, teams will also have the chance to stumble upon other three-man squads, which they will have to go through in order to proceed. As of now, the game allows players to create a session that holds 18 players.

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