This League champion is a damage juggernaut in Patch 13.1 despite mixed win rates

And there are solid reasons for that.

One League of Legends champion is topping the standings in terms of most damage done in two positionsand it’s hardly surprising.

Karthus is the champ that has the most damage in Platinum+ ranks, according to U.GG. The Deathsinger has boasted an average of 31,026 damage while picked in the jungle, and an eye-watering 31,004 average damage in the AD carry role. He also holds the highest damage in both roles in the Diamond+, Master+, and Challenger rankings.

At the same time, Karthus also recorded an impressive win rate while in the bottom lane at 52.10 percent in Platinum+ ranks. In the jungle, though, it’s only 48.85 percent in Platinum+ ranks, which is one of the worst results among junglers.

It’s not a massive surprise, though. Karthus has two tools that allow him to deal considerably more damage than other champions. He has a global ultimate, which can be cast after his death due to his passive. The passive itself is the second mechanic that helps Karthus boast such high damage since it allows him to stay on the battlefield for longer than other damage dealers in League.

Moreover, it’s pointless to build Karthus in any other way than a damage-dealing AP caster. So no matter where he’s picked, he’s still going to stack ability power items, enhancing his damage throughout the game.

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