This League champion has received a record-setting 55 bug fixes—and it’s not Viego

It's not Kha'Zix, either.

Bugs have existed in League of Legends since the humble beginnings of the game when it had much fewer than over 160 champions.

In the spirit of Neeko getting disabled yesterday due to a game-breaking bug that turns her into turrets, we did some digging to find out which champion currently holds the record for most bug fixes received in League. Were not looking directly at the number of bugs in the game here, but rather the number of bugs fixed up until now. 

Looking at the League Wiki and patch notes history, Shaco currently holds the record for the champion with the most bug fixes received at a whopping 55. Just behind him is Yasuo with 53 bug fixes. Rengar and Sion share the third spot with 49 bug fixes. Fourth place is reserved for our top lane king Teemo with 47 bug fixes. In fifth place, youll find Master Yi and his 43 bug fixes. Honorable mentions include Lux with 40, Sylas with 38, and Ezreal and Twisted Fate with 36 bug fixes and counting. 

On the other side, the champions with the least bug fixes received include Olaf and Tristana with seven, Tryndamere with six, Shen with five, and Zac with only four bug fixes. Some champions like Sivir only currently have two bug fixes listed, but thats because the bug fix counter is reset each time a champion gets a rework or a mid-scope update. 

Generally speaking, most League champions average around 10 to 20 bug fixes. The champions that have the most bug fixes usually have a unique interaction with champions or objects, just like Rengar and his bush mechanic. The champions with the least bugs normally have straightforward kits that mostly affect only the champion in question and their targets. 

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