This is the DPS spec with the hardest rotation in WoW right now

You'll need to learn this rotation by heart.

We all love seeing big numbers flashing on our screen, but some classes have an easier time dishing out huge numbers while others have to sweat to output similar damage. At the beginning of Dragonflight, Arcane Mage has proven to be the spec with the hardest and longest, but in Patch 10.0.5, we have a new king.

If we take a look at the DPS variance percentage on World of Warcraft stats page, Simulationcraft, youll find that Enhancement Shamans are at the very top of the list with an 8.5 percent DPS variance percentage. Behind Enhancement Shamans are Shadow Priests with 5.3 percent DPS variance percentage and Frost Death Knights with 4.8.

In short, DPS variance percentage looks at all parses and tells us how much DPS loss is possible if youre doing your rotation poorly. For example, if youre only parsing 12 on your Enhancement Shaman, youll lose more damage than Fury Warrior who has the same parsing score as you do. So, the better you know your rotation, the better will be your ranking on the DPS charts.

The main reason why Enhancement Shamans are at the very top of DPS variance percentage list is because you have more than a handful of short cooldowns, procs, and abilities you need to use during a specific time window. This is, for example, only single-target rotation:

Screengrab via Icy Veins

Although youll sweat blood and tears to learn your rotation as Enhancement Shaman, the payoff will be sweet as youll surely top the DPS charts in both Mythic+ dungeons and Vault of the Incarnates.

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