‘This is gross’: FaZe’s ZooMaa gets called out for ridiculously misogynistic Twitch tweet

The retired CoD pro incited debate and outrage.

Retied Call of Duty pro and current FaZe Clan content creator ZooMaa is facing backlash after a blatantly misogynistic tweet that targeted creators “showing their bodies to young kids” on Twitch.

On Sept. 21, FaZe ZooMaa released a now-deleted tweet that quickly gained the attention and ire of many viewers and content creators. Likely in reference to Twitch’s recent decision to ban some forms of gambling content, ZooMaa used this opportunity to ask if “big Twitch creators” would also address problems he perceives to be running rampant on the livestreaming website.

“So what about all the whores on Twitch showing their body to young kids?” ZooMaa’s tweet read. “Are none of these big Twitch creators gonna talk about that?”

The streamer rapidly followed up his initial tweet, addressing its harsh wording by adding “Excuse my language. Sorry if you can’t handle reality.”

Unsurprisingly, ZooMaa’s controversial tweet quickly gained the attention it sought to garner. Content creator Brookeab, currently working with 100 Thieves, was one of many to point out ZooMaa’s misogynistic language, plainly stating “This is gross. Do better.”

In a tweet that still remains, ZooMaa defended his verbiage by claiming his tweet never mentioned or insinuated it was targeted toward men or women streamers specifically. The former Call of Duty League pro attempted to turn the tables on Brooke, further writing that “the fact that nothing has been done about this and you’re defending it speaks volumes.”

After clashing with many other creators in his replies, ZooMaa removed the initial tweet that incited the ensuing dialogue. Mere minutes later, the 27-year-old streamer posted a brief apology for the phrasing of his message; however, he still stood by the sentiment behind his original tweet. Staunchly stating that Twitch must remove any sexual content, ZooMaa lamented how the supposed situation has been underplayed by creators.

The FaZe Clan member’s quasi-apology has only continued to elicit further backlash from creators. Political commentator and fellow Twitch streamer Hasan Piker encouraged the Call of Duty player to “keep fazing up brother.”

While ZooMaa does not appear to be overly sympathetic regarding his initial tweet, the streamer has remained silent on social media as his mentions continue to inspire contentious debate.

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