‘This is definitely not a one-patch and done project’: LoL devs explain what’s next for Yuumi

Riot is not done with the cat.

Just last week, Yuumi’s rework hit the live servers with League of Legends Patch 13.5. Celebrating the release of the new and improved cat, Tim Riot Truexy Jiang held a Q&A on the Yuumi mains Discord on March 12, explaining Riot Games’ philosophy behind the update and confirming the League team are not done with the champion yet.

Yuumis rework, among changes to Zoomies and Final Chapter, has brought drastic changes to her passive that now highly encourages players to stick to their AD carry. According to Truexy, Zoomies are here to say and this spell most likely wont see any significant changes in the near future.

On the other hand, Riot admitted that this is definitely not a one-patch and done project and that the League team are closely monitoring Yuumi and her win rate. But other changes are definitely being monitored and worked on as needed, the dev added.

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While the devs are optimistic and believe shes more viable now and in a healthier state than shes ever been, League players are far from happy with the rework and agree all the skill expression has been removed from the champion, making her less demanding to play.

I never really liked playing the cat, but since I do like enchanters I wanted to try the midscope update and honestly, it encourages the most boring playstyle I played, I don’t believe any Yuumi player wanted this. Trying to be active is not rewarding and actually hurts your success. It’s unbelievable that they removed any incentive to deattach and weave basic attacks, one player outlined.

Hopefully, Riot and Yuumi mains can meet somewhere in the middle with future updates and make this mid-scope update of the magical cat work for everyone.

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