‘This is Brazil’: Incredible moment from Gaules, FURIA players as they celebrate IEM Rio Major playoffs berth

Imagine the noise if they make it to finals.

Brazil has shown viewers an incredible time throughout the Challengers Stage of the IEM Rio Major. Multiple teams from South America were representing a massive chunk of the Counter-Strike population, and now only one remains.

The Legends Stage of the major has had a series of upsets. The top three teams at the major have either looked shaky or been eliminated, however, the one thing that stands tall is the last remaining Brazilian squad: FURIA.

The South American roster is one of the first teams to progress to the IEM Rio Major playoffs, and the home crowd, clearly, couldnt be happier. Streamer Gaules and FURIA teammates Andrei arT Piovezan and Yuri yuurih Santos joined the crowd in celebration, with chanting and music drowning out any other noise in the stadium.

We will win this for you, ArT said, surrounded by the crowd. 

With FURIA being the last South American roster in the tournament, theyll have to carry the hopes of each Brazilian fan watching.

FURIA, so far, has been living up to fans’ expectations, with yuurih holding the best rating in the whole tournament (at the time of writing), and teammate Kaike KSCERATO Cerato not far behind, sitting at the 3rd highest.

If FURIA keeps up their win streak, itll only take them two matches to reach the finals. Alongside Cloud9, they’re the only team to not lose a single map in the CS:GO Legends stage before reaching the playoffs.

The crowd will only get louder the further FURIA progress in Rio too.

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